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Appendix Minted Out

Important: Read Before Minting
May not inspire tattoo. Block-talk will not validate you. Highly likely not to be flippable in one day. No thesis or roadmap provided. Is not half an animal with a pizza slice. Tweets may receive little to no interactions. No hoodies, shitty looking hats, or fanny packs.
Love art and Regret This Purchase

Warning: Art Information Below

Regret This Purchase mint ended.
Regret This Purchase Appendix free mint opening soon. These are the static art files produced in the p5.js process of the RTP collection seen below.


A generative art collection by mindrash began as a follow up to Frolic and Detour. The lineage continues to explore the legal concept as a metaphor in life together with the journey through this technology stack. It incorporates heightened movement as breath and heartbeat that can be experienced with the risk, reward, and failure in this space. Randomness dominates but is framed with constraints. There is an exterior and an interior to each piece with palettes mixing and eroding between.


Squares mint in even block numbers and Rectanges mint in odd

The workflow begins with Processing and p5.js. Canvases are drawn with potentially thousands of iterations selecting from a set of color palettes. Some may narrowly stick to a specific palette while others combine and layer together. From these outputs, Python selects a base layer and then randomly a top layer. Pulsing is added to simulate a heart beat while the cycle of the frames evokes breath. The number of frames for the output is randomly decided and the algorithm begins to erode colors from the top layer. Borders are decided and placed in to encapsulate the output. From these frames bash combines, optimizes, and produces several outputs to give the piece various ways to be viewed or printed. 1000 x 1000 resized versions available on same IPFS CID. Individual frames can be requested for printing if desired.


Art Specifications

See attributes below to access alternate sizes and printable frames.
spec value
Dimensions Square: 6000px x 6000px or Rectangle: 5400px x 7200px
Image Type Animated GIF
Blockchain Ethereum 0x93B7978377ddC014972c1FA3b2FD94AAf00521b7
Distributed IPFS
License NFT 2.0
Total Supply 354

Attributes Rundown

attribute description
shape square or rectangle
border_color #fffede or #202020
has_section_frame A small section highlighted with borders
has_trip Triptyct borders
has_glitch Glitch in top layer or section
is_inverted Colors inverted
frame_count Number of frames used for the GIF
generations Number of iterations of shape layering for base layer
all_palettes Indicates color mix from all palettes or one for the base layer

Regret This Purchase: Outputs

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