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The pieces evoke the blood, sweat, and tears in this bear market. Chaos expands beyond the framework. The color palette is derived from Red Bull demonstrating the speed and energy of the space.

Art Information

You Are Holding a Computer Mouse and I Am Soaring Above


This generative art collection by mindrash was started during a lull in the development of Le Oscene Cinque Luci. The depth of Oscene had me wanting to free my mind on what became Ride the Bear. Here I continue to explore what feels like chaos expanding from a framework as a representation of this space. The Red Bull palette alludes to the fast pace of Formula 1 racing and energy. These were all generated during flights between Boston, Lisbon. Madrid, and Chicago. This series is not deterministic in the same way as some of my others meaning there is no hash that is reproducible, but this is intentional. In some ways it feels like this new space already has so many rules about what it accepted. It just is what it is and doesn't need to be anything else.


Generated with p5.js@1.5.0 producing both display and high resolution versions JPGs

The workflow begins with p5.js. As mentioned above, this one does not produce a hash that is used for deterministic output. There are so many random inputs here that it just felt too limiting to have to put that limitation on the art. Will I continue to do that in other series? Sure, but I don't think that it always needs to be there. After this there is no post production other than Python creating a smaller display JPG that works well with marketplaces. The high resolution ipfs url is provided in the metafile of each token for the location of the 6400 x 6400 version.

Art Specifications

spec value
Dimensions Small: 1000px x 1000px and Large: 6400px x 6400px
Image Type Animated JPG
Blockchain Ethereum Coming soon
Distributed IPFS
License CC BY-NC 4.0
Total Supply 200

Attributes Rundown

attribute description
blood If an affect is applied
Sweat Number of generations the algorithm goes through
Tears The color of the borders